How To Get Your Snap Score Up Faster 2024 (Here’s the Secret)

Snap score is measured by how frequently you use Snapchat. Snap score is the combination of all the snaps you sent and received, stories you’ve posted and some other factors. 

This article covers the topic of how to get your snap score up faster.

There are several factors that contribute to the increase in Snapchat score. Snapchat score is determined by how you use Snapchat. Your activity, frequent usage and some other factors determine your Snapchat score. 

Every activity on Snapchat counts. Each time you send or receive snaps, post stories, or send photos and videos, your snap score increases by one point.

In this article, you will learn how to get your Snapchat score to increase faster. We’ll explain what you need to do to up your snap score game

What is Snap’s score?

Snap score is measured by how frequently you use Snapchat. Snap score is the combination of all the snaps you sent and received, stories you’ve posted and some other factors. 

As mentioned on the Snapchat website, there are other hidden factors that determine snap scores which are not disclosed. 

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

Snap score works based on your activity usage on the app. However, not all your activity increases your snap score. 

The snaps you send and receive, posting snaps on your stories, and keeping your streak going, sum up to influence your Snapchat score. 

Snaps you send and receive increase your Snapchat score by one point. So the more snap you send the more points you will get. 

Also, maintaining your Snapchat streak with friends, in the long run, contributes to your snap score. 

When you first register on Snapchat, you’ll receive 6 points of snap score below your name on your profile dashboard. This means that registering on Snapchat also increases your snap score. 

If you already have a Snapchat account but haven’t used the app in a while, you’ll receive a welcome-back bonus point when you log in back to your account. 

However, the messages you send and receive, and other people’s stories you’ve watched, do not increase your Snapchat score. 

Snap score does not make you famous, but it gives your profile some authority. 

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How To Increase your Snapchat score Faster

In this section, we’ll explain in detail how you can increase your Snap score faster. 

Unlike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, there are no hacks or cheats to help you increase your snap score fast. The only way is the hard way. If you want to up your Snapchat score game, Do this:

Send Snaps often

The more snaps you send to your friends, the faster your Snapchat score increases. You have to consistently keep sending snaps. 

Your Snapchat score will climb faster if you have many friends on your Snapchat friends list. Your snap score will increase faster by sending snaps to multiple people on your friend lists. 

Avoid sending messages to your friends, it doesn’t increase your Snapchat score

Send Snaps to Multiple Friends

Sending snaps to multiple people on your friend lists is one of the many factors that will raise your Snapchat score faster. 

If you have many friends on Snapchat, the snaps you send to each one of them have to be different. Sending the same snap to everyone on your friend lists won’t increase your Snapchat score. The snaps need to differ. 

Open Received Snaps

The snaps you receive also count. The more snaps you receive from your friends also get your Snapchat score. 

Here’s the trick, if you have never sent snaps to anyone, but you have many friends on Snapchat, and they send you snaps every day. When you open the snaps sent by your friends your snap score point increases.

Your snap score can increase just by the snaps you’ve received from your friends without even sending any snaps in return. 

Add Snaps to your stories

If you are constantly sharing your snaps to your stories, now is the time for you to do that. You have two options to send your snaps to “My public story” or “My Story”

Snaps shared on my story can only be seen by your friends while snaps on my public story reach a larger audience. Public Stories are visible to everyone on Snapchat. 

Snapchat Streaks

Maintaining your Snapchat streaks with your friends is one of the unrevealed factors that can increase your Snapchat score. 

However, Snapchat said other factors that were not disclosed, but we believe maintaining your streaks is one of them. 

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Avoid Sending Text Messages

As mentioned earlier, text messages won’t increase your Snapchat score. Avoid sending too many messages and send more snaps to your friends, that way they’ll know you prefer communicating with snaps instead of messages.

Can I buy Snapchat score?

No, there are no hacks, tools or third-party apps that can increase your Snapchat score.

The only way to get your snap score up faster is by sending and receiving snaps, maintaining your Snapchat streaks, posting stories, watching Discover videos and other factors. 

If someone tells you that they have a way to get your Snapchat score up faster, they want to defraud you. It’s not possible to increase your snap score without using the app. 


Snap score is determined by the snaps you send and receive, stories you post, discover videos, maintaining streaks and many other factors that are not disclosed by Snapchat. 

You also need to know that your Snapchat score won’t increase if you don’t do any of these activities.

Text messages on Snapchat won’t increase your Snapchat score. So, sending more snaps to your friends will get your snap score higher in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my Snapchat score?

You must be active on  Snapchat. The easiest and fastest way to increase your Snapchat score includes sending snaps to your friends, adding snaps to your story, watching videos on Snapchat Discover, Snapchat Streak etc.

If you perform any of the activities mentioned, your Snapchat score will increase by one point. 

Sending messages to your friends on Snapchat won’t increase your Snapchat score. 

Does Snapchat score update instantly 2023?

When you check your Snapchat score, they are not updated instantly. It takes one week for Snapchat to update your snap score. When you’re checking other Snapchatters’ snap scores, it takes time to update. 

Why is your Snapchat score not going up?

Your Snapchat score isn’t updating because Snapchat has yet to update your score. It takes some time to update. 

How to hide Snapchat scores from your friends?

The only way to hide your Snapchat score is to remove everyone on your friends list or block the person from seeing your account on Snapchat. 


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