What Does GTG Mean On Snapchat? [Short Answer]

What Does GTG Mean On Snapchat?
What Does GTG Mean On Snapchat?

In this article, you will learn what GTG mean on Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

Slang is now the new norm for teens (Gen Zs). Slang and abbreviations are slowly changing the way we communicate and interact with each other on social media. 

Countless abbreviations are used on Snapchat and other social media platforms. But we will be discussing the term GTG.

Are you unfamiliar with this acronym? Not to worry, we got you. In this article, you will learn the meaning of GTG on Snapchat and when it is used. 

What Does GTG Mean On Snapchat?

The acronym GTG has different meanings and they can be used in different contexts. 

The Term GTG Stands For “Got To Go”

GTG is also abbreviated as G2G. This acronym is often used to end a conversation quickly or say a short-term goodbye. 

When someone writes GTG in a conversation, this means the sender wants to end the conversation.

Someone may use GTG in a conversation when they want to do something that requires their urgent attention or they are tired and want to take some time off.

Examples of GTG in Texting

Person 1: “GTG. I need to pick up my sister from school.”

Person 2: “Alright. TTYL” 

Important: The term TTYL means “Talk To You Later”. Learn more about TTYL.

Jane: “GTG. Need to get up early for work”

Alexa: “Good night. Sleep easy”

GTG Also Stands For “Good To Go”

GTG also means “good to go” which simply implies letting someone know that you’re ready for something. 

You can use “good to go” when you’re ready for a task or about to participate in an activity. 

“Good to go” can be used in a conversation with someone when you want to reassure them that you’re all set. 

Examples of “Good to Go”

Devin: “Babe, are you ready? I’m outside your place?”

Eva: “Yes. We’re GTG”

Naomi: “Ready for the Zoom meeting?”

Trevor: “Yep, I’m GTG”

When To Use GTG

GTG can be used in different contexts depending on the tone it was used. So when do you apply GTG in a conversation with someone?

  • When you want to end a conversation with someone (casual goodbye).
  • When you are in a hurry or have something that requires your urgent attention. 
  • When you’re tired of chatting with someone. 
  • To confirm plans you have with someone. 

GTG can be found on other social media platforms. And it conveys the same meaning. 


GTG has two meanings that can be used in different contexts. GTG means “Got to go” and “Good to go”.

Now that you understand what GTG means, it will help you decode the context in which it was used in a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GTG mean in dating?

When you’re chatting with a girl on Tinder, and she texts you GTG, she implies “Got To Go”.

What does MK mean?

Mk means “Mmm Okay”. It is often used to reluctantly agree with someone. However, people use MK when they are judgemental or unsure about something.

What is Bruv short for?

Bruv means “Brother”. 

What does Wagwan mean?

Wagwan means “What’s Going On?”.


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