What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?
What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

In this article, you’ll learn what GTS means on Snapchat and in texting. 

GTS is an acronym commonly used on Snapchat but has different meanings. But what does GTS mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is constantly evolving, and new abbreviations and slang terms are popping up all the time. 

Snapchat is known for its unique use of abbreviations, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the acronyms and slang. It’s essential to understand this slang to communicate effectively with your loved ones and close friends. 

If you are having issues keeping up with the Snapchat acronym, in this article, you’ll learn what GTS means on Snapchat and in texting.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

As mentioned earlier, the acronym GTS has different meanings and is used in different contexts. Here are the meanings.

On Snapchat, GTS means Go To Sleep and Good Times

GTS stands for Go To Sleep

GTS means “Go To Sleep” in Snapchat, texting, and other social media platforms. It’s a phrase that’s often used to encourage friends to prioritize their health and rest. So, they use the acronym to end a conversation with someone in a polite way when they are about to go to sleep. 

People use “go to sleep” – GTS especially when they are tired and the other person seems to want to continue the conversation. They say GTS to end the conversation politely and get some rest.

You can find GTS in texting, direct messages, and on Snapchat stories. You can also use GTS to prompt an action, by telling the other person that you’re feeling sleepy. 

Examples: Below are examples of how you can use GTS in texting, direct messages, and stories.

In Snapchat stories: “Goodnight y’all. GTS!

In this instance, you’re officially letting your friends and followers know that going to bed. 

In texting and direct messages: 

Faith: “Babe when is your interview coming up?”

Churchill: “7.30 am tomorrow!”

Faith: “It’s late already. You need to GTS.”

Churchill: “Okay babe. Good night, love you!”

Faith: Good luck! Love you too babe

In this context, Faith is telling Churchill to go to sleep so he will have enough time to rest and prepare for the interview the next morning. 

GTS stands for Go Times

GTS also means “Good Times”. It is often used to express happy moments or you’re having fun. However, you need to consider the context in which it is used. 

To avoid confusion, you need to consider your relationship with the person and check the context in which the conversation is based on.  

GTS is usually used if you had a fun day and spent time with close friends. It is mostly used to express happiness about something.


Bridget: “Do you still remember Zoe’s wedding last year?”

Adele: “Yeah, we had so much fun! It was gts.” 

In this context, Bridget and Adele are going back to memory lane about all the happy moments they had at Zoe’s wedding. 

Does GTS Mean the Same Thing in Text, Snapchat, and Other Social Media?

GTS means the same in text and on all other social media platforms. This acronym does not have any other different meanings when you see it on other social networks. It usually means the same thing. 

So whenever you see GTS on any platform, just know it means “Go To Sleep” and “Good Times”. However, you also need to consider the context in which the message was expressed.


Understanding Snapchat terminology like GTS is essential to engaging in conversations on the platform. 

Now you understand what GTS means in both text and on Snapchat. With this understanding now, you can easily decode the context in which the acronym is used. 

FAQs About What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

What does Wanna GTS OTP mean?

On Snapchat, “GTS OTP”  stands for “Go to Sleep, On The Phone.” This is a way of telling the other person to go to sleep while on the phone.

What does GTS mean on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms?

The meaning of GTS remains the same across all social media platforms. It’s an abbreviation that’s used to indicate that the sender is going to sleep.


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