How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets 2024


In this article, you’ll learn how To find someone’s deleted tweets 2024.

This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially if they want to uncover some hidden secrets or juicy gossip from their favourite celebrities, politicians, or influencers. 

Celebrities, politicians, and other influential figures tend to delete their tweets if they become a backlash and come to haunt them.

Twitter is more of a marketplace where people’s opinions affect or impact your daily life. 

Your opinion or tweets on X (Twitter) can turn out to be your nightmare. Someone might tweet about something in the past and may want to reference back to what they tweeted but can’t find the tweet because they deleted it. 

Can I see someone’s deleted tweets? Well, there is no official way to find deleted tweets on X (Twitter). However, there are other ways to see deleted tweets.

In this article, you’ll learn how To find someone’s deleted tweets in 2024.

Why Do People Delete Their Tweets?

Well, it’s not obvious, X (Twitter) is a public space where you can hide your posts from anyone unless you make your account private

People delete their tweets for various reasons. Although one of the major reasons is to avoid tarnishing their reputation. There are other reasons are because:

  • The tweet is embarrassing, inappropriate, or inaccurate.
  • They want to avoid negative consequences from employers, business partners, and followers. 
  • They want to protect their online reputation.
  • The tweet promotes violence or terrorism.

People do this to avoid Twitter users or fans from dragging them. 

Why Learn How To Recover Deleted Tweets?

Sometimes someone might want to recover their own deleted tweets because they contain important information and they need the details of the information. 

You may also want to recover deleted tweets to prove a point or win an argument. 

Also, you might want to recover deleted tweets for some personal reasons. 

People do it for fun or they just want to drag you and remind you of something you tweeted in the past.

How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets 2024

Finding someone’s deleted tweet is easy. So let’s look at the different methods to find deleted tweets. 

Find Deleted Tweets Using Wayback Machine – Internet Archive

Wayback Machine archives older versions of web pages. 

If you want to see someone’s deleted tweets, go to the Internet Archive – Wayback Machine website and enter the profile URL. Select the date range and search to find all deleted tweets within the date range. 

Also, if the profile URL is not crawled, it will be difficult to find deleted tweets. 

Wayback Machine often crawls the profiles of top figures, politicians, celebrities, and others. 

Here’s how to find deleted tweets on Wayback Machine:

  • Go to X (Twitter) and copy the profile URL of the person you want to find their deleted tweets. Paste the URL in the text field area. The. Click on Browse History.
How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets 2024
  • Select the year, month, and day of the deleted tweets. Once it opens the snapshots, it will show the number of snapshots for the selected date. Tap on the Snapshot to open the deleted tweets. 
Find Deleted Tweets Using Wayback Machine - Internet Archive
  • After selecting the snapshot it will load the person’s profile in a new page. The snapshot will display tweets and photos for that day. 
Find Deleted Tweets Using Wayback Machine - Internet Archive

You can start searching for the deleted tweets and you can save the tweets by screenshotting them. 

It will be hard for you if you don’t remember the specific date the tweet was deleted. You’ll have to search the date and snapshots one after the other. 

Also if the person’s profile or the selected date is not crawled, you won’t be able to see any deleted tweets. 

Finding Deleted Tweets Using Google Cache

Google Cache is easy to use, but you can only use this tool to find the most recent deleted tweets.

  • Click the link to go to the Google Cache website
  • Go to X (Twitter) and copy the profile URL, then go back to your web browser and paste the URL in the field. 
  • Tap Google Web Cache.  to show results.
  • You’ll get different results including the most recent tweets. If you’re not using your computer, this option might not work for you. You’ll see a drop-down cache arrow. Click on it.
  • Tap Cached and all Google cache versions of all the tweets will appear on the screen. And you’ll be able to see recently deleted tweets. 

Google Cache only works for recently deleted tweets. If you’re looking for an older or specific tweet, I recommend you use the Internet Archive-Wayback Machine. 

How to Find Your Own Deleted Tweets On X (Twitter)

There is a simple way to find your deleted tweets on X. This is only possible if you’re looking for your own deleted tweets. 

This method can’t be used to see someone’s deleted tweets. 

To do this you’ll need to request the archive of your X (Twitter) Data. 

  • Log in to your X (Twitter) account. This guide is the same process for those using the web version and app version. 
  • Tap your X profile picture. Then go to the bottom page of the screen and tap Settings & Support.
Profile account.
  • Tap Settings and Privacy to manage your account settings.
Settings and privacy
  • Tap the first option in your account settings. Tap Your account.
How to Find Your Own Deleted Tweets On X (Twitter)
  • Then, select Download an archive of your data. It’ll load a new page, you will be asked to provide your Twitter password for security reasons. Enter your password and click Next. 
How to Find Your Own Deleted Tweets On X (Twitter)
  • Tap the Request Archive button.

But depending on how often you post, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours or less. And you will receive a zip file containing your account data. 

You’ll receive an email and in-app notification once your archive data is ready. Open the mail and click on Download Now once your data is ready for download.

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, then extract the file in your phone’s file manager. If you’re using your computer, right-click on the file and select Extract All to the file name. 

Then, open the folder 📁 📂 and click on the “index.html” file to open in your web browser. You’ll see all your tweets and deleted tweets in the index.html file. 

Can I Use Twipu and Snapbird to find deleted tweets?

We experimented on both sites but we’re unable To find deleted tweets using these third-party sites. 

The reasons why these sites can no longer be used to find deleted tweets are unknown. But they can no longer detect or crawl popular X (Twitter) profiles. 

How To Find Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

Politwoops is the best when you want to look up deleted tweets of politicians. 

This dedicated site keeps records of deleted tweets of politicians who are still in office, running for office, or out of office. 

Politwoops is best used to track the tweets records of government officials. 


Other third-party sites can be used to track deleted tweets. But the ones mentioned in this article are the most used to see deleted tweets. 

So, whenever you want to look up a deleted tweet, you can use the Wayback Machine, Google Cache, or Politwoops. 

Also, it’s easier to find your own deleted tweets from your Twitter account by requesting an archive of your  X account data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Deleted Tweets Still Visible?

Yes, deleted tweets will be temporarily visible on your social feed. The only way to know is if you try to comment or retweet the post.

Is It Possible To Recover A Deleted Tweet?

There is no built-in way to recover a deleted tweet on Twitter, but there are some methods that may help you find it. Some of these methods are:

  • Using the Wayback Machine
  • Viewing cached Twitter profiles on Google may show tweets that are no longer visible on Twitter.
  • Downloading your Twitter archive data, which contains a copy of all your tweets and other data. 


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