How Anonymous Is Reddit?

How Anonymous Is Reddit?
How Anonymous Is Reddit?

In this article, you’ll learn how anonymous Reddit is.

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platform and online community that lets users share posts, and links and engage in discussions with other users.

However, users are beginning to ask eye-opening questions about the anonymity of Reddit. 

How anonymous is Reddit? Does Reddit reveal users’ real identity on the platform? If you’re concerned about how private your account or personal information is, in this article, you’ll learn how private Reddit is. 

How Does Anonymous Browsing Work On Reddit?

Traditionally, Reddit assigns a new account ID when you enable anonymous browsing. The new browsing ID won’t be tied to any information relating to your normal because of privacy reasons. 

Also, your browsing history while you’re in anonymous browsing, won’t be saved. Reddit will delete your browsing history once you go back to normal browsing. 

When you’re in private browsing, Reddit won’t track your browsing history and use the data to send you personalized recommendations. 

The anonymous browsing feature is only available on the Reddit mobile app.

However, anonymous browsing doesn’t apply to external websites you visited via the Reddit app.

If you’re inactive for 30 minutes, your anonymous browsing session will be turned off and you’ll be returned to your account. 

Can You Be Anonymous On Reddit?

The answer is YES. You can be anonymous on Reddit while you’re using the app. 

To use Reddit without anyone knowing your account identity. You need to enable the anonymous browsing mode while using the mobile app. 

When you’re on private browsing mode, you will be given a new identity different from your normal profile. 

You can post, comment, join new communities, upvote, and downvote and these activities won’t be tied to your main account.

Also, another way you can use Reddit anonymously is to use a different name while creating a new account. But you will have to provide your email address in case you forgot your password or have an issue with the account. 

How Anonymous Is Reddit?

Reddit provides a feature called Anonymous Browsing that allows users to be anonymous while using the mobile app. 

Anonymous browsing enables you to use the platform with a new identity. And the new identity won’t be associated with your normal account. 

How To Enable Anonymous Browsing On Reddit

  • Launch the Reddit mobile app
  • Tap on your profile avatar icon at the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Tap Settings at the bottom screen. 
  • Tap Account Settings for u/username (associated with your Reddit username). 
  • Tap Switch Accounts 
  • Below your username, select Anonymous Browsing to make a switch. 
  • Once you make a switch, you’ll see a prompt message on the screen that you’re anonymous browsing. Then, tap OK to continue. 

You can exit the anonymous browsing mode at any time.

To leave the anonymous browsing, do this:

  • Tap on your profile avatar icon 
  • You will see a message prompt on the screen. Tap Leave Anonymous Browsing to return to your normal account. 


If you have privacy concerns and want an extra layer of security. Be rest assured that Reddit got you covered. 

You can use Reddit anonymously without ever revealing your real identity. As long as you don’t use your real name to create an account.

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