6 Ways To Add Random People On Snapchat

6 Ways To Add Random People On Snapchat
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One of the best things about Snapchat is that it’s easy to add new friends. Knowing how to add people on Snapchat has become essential for connecting and expanding your network.

From exchanging usernames and Snapcodes to discovering nearby and suggested friends.

In this article, you learn 6 ways to add random people on Snapchat and safety tips you need to know before adding them as friends.

Safety Tips Before Adding Random People As Friends On Snapchat 

  • Before you add people on Snapchat, be sure it’s people you trust. Making new friends is good, but be careful of who makes friends on social media platforms.
  • Avoid sharing private and sensitive information about yourself with someone you newly added as a friend on Snapchat. Privacy should be your utmost priority when you’re using any social media platforms
  • If your newly added friend on Snapchat inconveniences you or makes you feel uncomfortable. You can always use the Snapchat block feature for them. 

4 Ways To Add Random People On Snapchat

Adding people on Snapchat can be a great way to meet new people and make friends. Here are 6 ways to add random people on Snapchat

Add Friends By Snapcode Scanner

The Snapcode is an image with a unique QR code that IDs each Snapchat user. Snapcode is not limited to adding friends. 

You can also use it to unlock Lenses, discover new content, and more. If you have your friend’s Snapcode and want to add them. 

How To Add A Friend By Scanning Their Snapcode

  • On the Snapchat camera screen. Tap Add friend
  • Tap Snapcode icon 
  • Tap the Snapcode image
  • Tap Add Friend.
6 Ways To Add Random People On Snapchat

Once the Snapcode is scanned, the user you added will appear on your friends’ list. So, you can start sending them snaps. 

From Quick Add

Snapchat quick add is the easiest way to add random people on Snapchat. Quick add can appear in various places on your Snapchat. 

In most cases, friends in quick add are based on mutual friends to your Snapchat friends, people you follow, your interests and other factors. 

Follow the steps below to add friends using quick add.

Tap add friend + sign »»» under add friend, you can start adding friends appearing in quick add.

From Quick Add

Add Friends By Mention

You can use the mention to add random people on Snapchat when someone mentioned a Snapchatter in a story, or videos you viewed.

This feature is also available on other social media platforms. You can follow someone or add them in a post where their handle was mentioned.

From Snapchat Search 

You can use the search to add friends either by searching their Snapchat usernames or through the Add a Friend feature populating on the search screen. 

In the search section, you can add random people you don’t know as friends by searching for random names on Snapchat. 

From Snapchat Search 

Snapchat URL 

Someone can add you on Snapchat if they have your profile URL or if you have shared it with people before. 

Tap your Snapchat Bitmoji »»» Share icon »»» share your profile 

6 Ways To Add Random People On Snapchat

Using Snapmap nearby feature

The Snapchat map feature allows you to share your current location and add nearby friends. You can also use the nearby option to add outside of your location. 

That’s if you want to add people outside of your current location. 

To do this:

Go to your profile or tap the location icon on the camera screen »»» Snap map »»» tap your current location or tap any location on the map screen and it will show random people to add as friends.


Making new friends on social media can be fun but always make sure you’re not carried away to share sensitive information with them. 

With the methods in this article, you can start making new friends and start sharing more funs and experience with them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do Strangers Find Me On Snapchat?

Strangers can easily find and add you on Snapchat, using the quick add section. Strangers can also find on Snapchat by going to the map section or they might have your Snapcode and scan it.

How Do I Chat With Strangers On Snapchat?

If you are chatting with a stranger for the first time. You can start with a friendly or formal greeting by saying “Hello, Hi”.

Why Do Random People Add Me On Snapchat?

People you don’t know on Snapchat can easily add you in the quick add section.

How Do You Find Strangers You Add On Snapchat

You can easily find them by using the map, quick add or any of the methods in this article. 


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