How To Add Instagram Music To Your Reels

Add Instagram Music To Your Reels

Since its launch in 2018, Instagram music has been one of Instagram’s finest and most creative features. Instagram music helps you connect with your audience.

If you want to turn your boring Instagram reels and stories into creative and engaging content, then Instagram music is your best option.

If you want to change the look and feel of your reels and stories. In this article, we will teach how to add music from the Instagram music library to your reels or stories.

How Does Instagram Music Work?

To use Instagram Music, users can search for a song by title, artist, or genre. Once they find a song they want to use, they can add it to their Story or Reel by tapping on the “Music” sticker. They can then adjust the length of the song and choose whether or not to show the song’s title and artist.

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How To Add Instagram Music To Your Reels or Story

Follow the steps below to add Instagram music to your reels

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the + sign to create reels
  • Tap on Reel and Swipe up to add photos or videos. Tap Next
  • Wait for the synchronization to complete. Instagram will auto-suggest music for your reels. But you can change the music if you don’t want to use the Instagram auto-suggested music.
  • Tap the Search 🔍 icon. Enter the title of the song or the name of the artist. If the music is available it will auto-display on the screen. 
  • Tap the music to sync it with your post. 
  • Tap Next.
  • You can now edit your reels from here. Tap the Next arrow icon. 
  • Add captions to your reels and tap Next
  • Tap Share to post your reels to Instagram.

How To Remove Instagram Music From Your Reel

The only way you remove Instagram music from the reel is to delete the reel. 

  • Go to your profile dashboard
  • Tap the Reel 
  • Tap the more options icon (three dots) at the top of the reels. 
  • Tap Delete and confirm you want to delete the reel. 

After you delete the reel you create a new one and add the music of your choice. 

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How Can I Change Instagram Music From My Reels?

There is no way you can change the music on an Instagram Reel after you’ve posted it. The only way you can change the reel is to delete it and create a new one from scratch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add Music To My Instagram Reel?

Tap the Instagram app »»» create reels »»» swipe up »»» add media »»» add music from the Instagram music library »»» Tap next »»» Edit and add captions »»» Share.

Why Am I Seeing “No Results Found” On Instagram Music?

If you’re using an Instagram Business account you won’t access Instagram music because of advertising policies or copyright infringement. You can use Instagram music on a business account. 

You need to switch from an Instagram business to a personal account to have full access to all Instagram features. 

Although, there are other possible reasons you’re seeing no results found. You’re using an older version of Instagram, bad internet connection, the song is not available on Instagram, you enter the wrong title of the song or the song is not yet available on Instagram. 

How Do I Switch From Instagram Business To Personal Account?

Open Instagram »»» profile photo »»» three lines to right »»» settings and privacy »»» creators tools and controls »»»  switch account type »»» switch to a personal account.

If you switched to a personal account, you will need to restart the app for the changes to take effect. 

Can I Use Copyrighted Music On Instagram?

Yes, you can, but it does have restrictions. You can’t use Instagram music for commercial purposes as Instagram does not allow it. 

You may be subject to copyright infringement claims if you violate the restrictions. 

How Do I Report Copyright Infringement On Instagram?

If you want to report copyright infringement on Instagram, you will need to go to the Instagram help centre page. 

  • Click on the copyright infringement form.
  • You will need to enter your contact information including your full name, email address, postal address, and country. 
  • You need to enter the link to the content you want to report, and why you’re reporting the content. 
  • Once you’re done filling out the form. Tap the send button to submit the form 

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