If Someone Deleted Snapchat Will The Snap Say Delivered?

If Someone Deleted Snapchat Will The Snap Say Delivered
If Someone Deleted Snapchat Will The Snap Say Delivered

Will Snap Deliver If Someone Deleted Snapchat? In this article, you’ll find out what happens to snap if someone deletes Snapchat. 

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their friends and followers. 

Snapchat has become a preferred way of communication for many people, especially the Gen Z generation.

However, there are times when users may want to take some time off social media and uninstall the app from their devices. This raises the question, If someone deleted Snapchat, will the snap be delivered?

In this article, you’ll find out what happens to snap if someone deletes Snapchat. 

If Someone Deleted Snapchat Will The Snap Say Delivered?

Yes, if someone on your friend list deleted Snapchat from their phone, the snaps and messages you sent will still be delivered. Don’t, be so shocked I said the snap will deliver. The reason is that the person only uninstalled the Snapchat app from their phone and didn’t delete or deactivate their account. 

So, when the person reinstalls Snapchat and logs in back to their account, they will receive the snaps and messages you sent. Also, your saved snaps and messages will be restored.

Uninstalling the Snapchat app won’t delete your account information. Snapchat uses its cloud server to store and back up individual account information on the platform. 

However, Snapchat servers are designed to automatically delete one-on-one unopened Snaps after 31 days. Also, any unopened snaps sent to a group chat will be automatically deleted after 7 days. 

Furthermore, if the person or group chat you sent snaps to did not open them after these periods, the snaps will be automatically deleted. 

If you reinstall Snapchat and log in back to your account before these periods, you’ll be able to see the snaps.

How To Save a Snap In Chat

  • Launch the Snapchat app.
  • Go to the Chat Section and open the conversation you want to save the snap.
  • Press and hold the snap and tap Save in Chat

To Unsave a Snap

  • Press and hold the snap and select Unsave in Chat

Does Snapchat Cloud Server Store Snaps And Messages?

Snapchat uses its cloud server to temporarily store snaps and messages you send until they are delivered to the recipient. 

Afterward, the snaps and messages will be deleted 24 hours after the recipient has viewed them. 

Snapchat does not save messages on your device, so your snaps and messages won’t be deleted when you delete the app from your phone. 


You can delete the Snapchat app from your phone and your friends won’t be notified about it. However, the snaps and messages they sent will be delivered, but they won’t know you’ve uninstalled the app.

Once you reinstall the Snapchat app and log in to your account, you will see the snaps that were sent to you while you were not using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Someone Deleted Snapchat Will The Snap Say Delivered?

When someone deletes their Snapchat account, all of their data is erased from the app’s servers. This includes their username, snaps, and chat history. As a result, any snaps that you have sent to them will be lost forever. However, if the person has simply deleted the app from their phone, your snap will still say “delivered,” but they will not be able to open the snap until they reinstall the app.

Is Snapchat data stored on any server?

Yes, Snapchat stores the snaps and messages you send on its cloud servers temporarily until the recipient sees them. The snaps and messages is deleted after the recipient sees them. However, Snapchat may retain certain data for longer for legal reasons. 

What happens if you send a snap to someone who deleted the app?

Nothing happens, the snap will still be delivered to the person when they reinstall and log in to their account again.

How do I know if someone uninstalled Snapchat?

When someone deletes or deactivates their account, if you search for their username on Snapchat, it will show “No Rresults”. Also, their username will disappear from the chat tab and you won’t be able to send them snaps or messages.

What do people see when you delete Snapchat?

People will still be able to search for your username and your friends will still see your name on their friend lists.

What Does It Mean When It Says “No Results” On Snapchat?

”No Results” means two things on Snapchat. It’s either the person blocked you or they deleted or deactivated their account. You can tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat by searching for the person’s username with another account.


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