Does Twitter Count Your Tweets Views? [Short Answer]

Does Twitter Count Your Tweets Views?

If you’re wondering if Twitter counts your tweet views. In this article, you’ll find the answer to your question. 

Does Twitter count your tweets views? This is a question that many Twitter users have wondered about, especially since the social media platform introduced the view count feature in Q4 2022.  

People who are eager to know more about view counts, or want to know if Twitter counts their views? And what exactly counts as a view on Twitter? 

If you’re wondering if Twitter counts your tweet views. In this article, we will answer these questions.

Does Twitter Count Your Tweets Views?

Yes, Twitter counts your tweet views. This was rolled out shortly after the multi-billionaire Elon Musk purchased the platform. 

View counts are the total number of times a post has been seen. You can see your view counts and other users on the timeline. 

View counts show you the performance insights of your posts, that’s the number of times your post has reached your post has been seen. 

View counts doesn’t mean someone engaged with your posts.

Views are counted for each post you scroll past, even when you don’t interact with the posts. This includes seeing it on their home timeline, search results, your profile, or embedded in another website.

If a tweet has a high view counts, this shows that it’s reaching a larger audience. However, view counts are not a perfect indicator of reach because they can be manipulated by the post author or other accounts if they view the post multiple times to boost its numbers. 

How To See The Number Of Views On A Tweet

  • Launch the Twitter mobile app and login to your account.
  • Click on the For you or Following tab.
  • Look for the posts you want to check the view counts or tap on a random post. 
  • Below the post you’ll see the view counts where the time and date of the post is situated. 

You cannot view the analytics metric of posts from another author. You can only see the tweet comments, reposts, bookmarks, likes and view counts. Only the author of the can see the in-depth performance insights of the posts.

To see your view counts and in-depth metrics of your tweets. 

  • Go to your profile and tap on the post 
  • Below the post you’ll see the total number of view counts your post has. 
  • Tap view post activity if you want to see the post performance insights. 

Who Can See View Counts For Private Accounts?

If you made your account private on Twitter, only the author and followers will see view counts of protected accounts. However, everyone can see view counts for public accounts.


Twitter View count is an important feature for local businesses or brands to learn more about their audience and grow their businesses. 

You can see your post’s view counts on the timeline. However, as I mentioned before, view counts do not mean someone engaged with your posts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone see view counts on my posts?

Yes, anyone on Twitter can see your view counts for each post you share on the app.

Who counts as a viewer?

Anyone who came across your posts while scrolling through Twitter. It can be you as the author of the post, your followers, or non-followers. Even though the post was suggested by Twitter and someone saw it on the app, it counts as views. 

How are views calculated?

Posts you come across multiple times, the views may be counted multiple times, but not all the views are unique. If you saw a post on Twitter web and later saw the same post again after you logged in using the mobile app. It will be counted as 2 views. 

Will promoted or Sponsored posts have view counts?

Yes, sponsored and promoted posts have view counts as long as it is on Twitter.

Can you see view counts on posts from protected accounts you follow?

Yes, you can view counts for private or protected accounts if you’re following the account. Only the author and the following can see view counts for protected accounts. 

Does scrolling past a video on Twitter count as a view?

Yes, every posts and videos you scroll past counts as view on Twitter even when you don’t engage with the post.


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