What Does “PMO” Mean On Instagram?

What Does "PMO" Mean On Instagram

Social media platforms like Instagram have become a huge part of our daily communication, allowing us to connect with people and businesses around the world. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users sharing images, videos, and stories daily.

One term that has gained popularity on Instagram and other social media platforms is “PMO.” Which can often be seen in captions, comments, direct messages or notes. 

As social media abbreviations continue to evolve, it can be tough to keep up with what everything means.

If you’re not sure what PMO means, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explain what PMO means on Instagram and how people commonly use it on social media

Quick Answer 

In social media platforms the term “PMO” means two things. Firstly, “Put Me On”, is a way of telling someone to put you on to something or link you up. “Secondly, “Pisses Me Off” means telling someone or a friend that something has annoyed you or made you angry.”

What Does “PMO” Mean On Instagram?

PMO has its meaning, that depends on how you want to use it. We will explore its different meanings and give examples of how it is used. 

People most commonly use PMO in direct messages, Instagram notes, posts, and comments on Instagram. PMO is also used in TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media platforms.

There are two meanings of PMO on Instagram. One can be used as a “link up or connect“. The other is used to express feelings.

PMO stand for “Put Me On”

Firstly, PMO means “Put Me On” on Instagram. It’s a short form of telling your friend to link you with someone or something. 

The Put Me On phrase is mostly used to reply to direct messages, comments, and normal texts. 

For example, someone shared a post on IT jobs or adverts, and you are interested in it. You can DM them or just reply to them with “PMO” in the comment section. 

Jack shared: “Google is looking for an IT manager”

Elon replied: “Please can you PMO on this job?”

In this context, Elon is showing interest and wants Jack to link him up with the Google job. 

“PMO” generally mean the same meaning in text messages and it’s usually used for plea or request.

PMO stand for “Pisses Me Off”

Secondly, PMO also means “Pisses Me Off”. It’s mostly used to express annoyance towards something or someone. 

For example, on your way to work this morning, you met a 7-mile-long traffic jam. If you want to express how you felt about the traffic, see the example in the context below.

Zoey Shared: “The traffic jam on my way to work this morning really PMO”

In this context, Zoey is expressing her frustration and how she felt about the road traffic while she was going to work.

PMO Can be used to reply to Comments or Instagram stories 

For instance, someone shared a story or post about the new Twitter policy update. Then, the person replied, “I hate the new update, they PMO.”

PMO Can be used to reply to “Direct Messages”

You can also PMO to reply to something that pisses you off in this statement. “I don’t like McDonald’s foods, they PMO because their foods are unhealthy.” 

In this context, you tell someone that you don’t like a particular food brand because of the quality of their food.

In Management “PMO” stand for “Project Management Office” 

Project Management Office is a centralized department or group within an organization that is responsible for defining and maintaining project management standards, processes, and methodologies.

The PMO can play a critical role in helping organizations to improve their project management capabilities, increase efficiency, and reduce project risks.

Other Instagram Slangs or Phrases

PMO is not the short phrase that is used on Instagram and other social media platforms. Let’s explore and give a few examples of them. 

  • ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5) – This term is used to tell someone to explain something to you, like explaining to a 5 years old child without using ambiguous words.
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) – People use this term when they post a thread and invite others to ask them anything about a particular topic. For example, “AMA: I’m free in the next 1 hour.”
  • FYI (For Your Information) – This is used to lay emphasis in a conversation or discuss a topic with someone. There, you can add FYI to emphasize your opinion or key points.
  • SMO (Shout Me Out) – This term is used when someone tells you to mention them on Instagram and other social messaging platforms. You can use the SMO to abbreviate. 
  • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – This acronym is used when sharing content that’s not too current. A post that has been shared before. 
  • TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) – People use this acronym when they encounter a long post or Twitter thread on a topic but choose not to read it because it is too lengthy.


In the context of “Put Me On,” you can use “PMO” to request or introduce something to someone. In the context of “Pisses Me Off,” “PMO” can only express annoyance or anger towards someone or something.

With this understanding, you can apply the PMO phrase in your daily messaging activities. PMO is a popular acronym across all social messaging platforms. And its meaning comes with two different contexts.

With the proper explanation of what PMO means in this article. You can use this phrase on Instagram when it suits you best. 

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What Does “PMO” Mean On Snapchat and TikTok

PMO means the same thing in all social media platforms, (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger TikTok and others). PMO stands for “Put Me On” or “Pisses Me Off”. 

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