WhatsApp Communities VS Groups: Everything You Need To Know

WhatsApp Communities VS Groups

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. With over two billion active daily users, it has become the go-to platform for instant messaging, voice and video calls, and sharing media. 

Two of the most popular features of WhatsApp are communities and groups. Both allow users to connect with each other, share information, and participate in discussions.

However, there are differences between these two features that users may not be aware of.

WhatsApp Communities and Groups are two different ways to connect with people on WhatsApp. Communities are designed for larger groups of people, such as schools, and organizations.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between WhatsApp Communities and Groups, and we will provide you with everything you need to know about these features.

What Is A Whatsapp Group?

The WhatsApp group is a feature that allows you to bring people together and start real-time chat conversations, and share photos, videos, and documents for fun business purposes.

You can add up to 1024 contacts in a group and start discussions with others. Groups are designed for smaller groups of people, such as families, friends. 

What Is A WhatsApp Community?

WhatsApp community feature is a collection of groups under a parent community that sends announcements to all members of the community at once.

Communities are created to merge groups with the same common interests. Also has a default announcement group for 5,000 members. 

For example, Tesla can create a WhatsApp Community inviting all the departmental units in the organization under one umbrella. 

What Is The Announcement Group In Whatsapp Community?

The announcement group is the group in the WhatsApp Communities that allow admins to send important announcements or share updates with members of the group. 

In the Announcement group, only community admins can send messages, and view all members in the group. Members can only view admins and messages in the announcement group.

Whatsapp Communities Vs Groups: What Is The Difference? 

Admin Privileged

All the privileges in the WhatsApp community are entirely given to the admin. The authority of a community admin is much greater and distinct from that of group admins. The community has central authority over all the groups’ admins in the community. 

Group admins can only exercise authority over any groups they manage. A community admin can delete a group and remove members from the community. The same goes for adding new groups and inviting members. 

Community administrators alone possess the ability to send messages within the community, and the announcement group is exclusively reserved for community admins.

Hold Discussions

Members in groups actively engage in discussions, send messages, add media, create polls, share contacts and locations, and respond to messages, unless restricted by the group admin.

WhatsApp communities notify members of any changes made, but only administrators possess the privilege to send messages, create polls, share contacts, and locations, and add attachments.

In WhatsApp groups, members can react to messages sent by the admins even when the admins hold all rights to send messages.

In WhatsApp Communities members can’t react to messages sent by the community admin but can reply to the messages in a private chat with the admin. And also, send messages to community admins.  

Group Calls

Members of WhatsApp groups can start a group call, both voice calls and video calls. End-to-end encryption and it’s suitable for holding a group meeting. But in WhatsApp Community, the call feature is not yet available.

Numbers, Sizes And Limits 

WhatsApp groups are size limited to 1,024 members. One single community on WhatsApp can size about 50 groups, with estimated 51,200 members.

Also, you can add a total of 5,000 members to the community announcement group, which is more than 4 groups combined. Both features aim to have a distinction between a Telegram channel and a Telegram group.

Their Roles

In terms of content sharing, WhatsApp Communities are distinct from groups. Communities are majority created to share important updates and announcements across the groups and the announcement group.

Privacy Standards

WhatsApp Communities holds some privacy standards. In WhatsApp groups, members can view all the participants in a group. In WhatsApp Communities only the administrator holds the right to view all its members. 

Expand Your Reach With WhatsApp Groups And Communities

WhatsApp groups and communities are mainly created to bring people closer. But WhatsApp communities aim for a wider outreach and bringing different organizational bodies together to pass across important updates.

However, WhatsApp groups serve as platforms for mutual engagement, casual discussions, and interactions with people. If you desire a more enjoyable experience, it is recommended that you create a group.


Now you’ve known the difference between WhatsApp communities and groups with this comprehensive guide. We s hope this article gives you the explanation you’re looking for.


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