5 Reasons Why WhatsApp Will Ban You 

Reasons Why WhatsApp Will Ban You

If you frequently use WhatsApp messenger and you came across  this message when you open the WhatsApp app “This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp.” 

Hope you know what this means. You are not allowed to use WhatsApp means your account has been banned from using the app.

However, as a WhatsApp user, you must understand their policies and guidelines. WhatsApp doesn’t just ban accounts without proper investigation. 

In this article, we will give reasons for the WhatsApp ban and tips on how to avoid being banned. 

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Will WhatsApp Ban My account if it’s reported?

This depends on why your account is reported. When a report is made, WhatsApp usually collects the last 5 messages between both users. And this will determine what actions WhatsApp will take. 

WhatsApp will ban any account if found violating its terms of service

Reasons Why WhatsApp Will Ban You

Below you will find some reasons for the WhatsApp account ban;

You have been blocked and reported before

If your account has been blocked or reported before. The tendency of WhatsApp to ban you is high. In other to avoid this you need to avoid sending disturbing or violent messages to people. 

People get blocked on Whatsapp for a reason. Your contacts will report your account because they want space or you’re sending disturbing and irrelevant messages to them every single day. It’s always good to respect the privacy of others on social media. 

Misusing of Broadcasting feature 

If you consistently broadcast hundreds of messages to contacts that are not saved on your WhatsApp, you are most likely to be banned. 

In other to avoid this, you can create a WhatsApp group or community if you have some important messages to pass across, instead of using WhatsApp broadcast.

WhatsApp will also ban your account if found misusing the broadcasting feature on the app. 

Also, your account might be banned if found copying and sending or broadcasting the same messages to your contacts list multiple times.

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Spam Messages Links

Sending hundreds of spam links to people daily will definitely get you banned. Even without reporting your account. Accounts that violate WhatsApp terms of service or involve spam, scams or if it puts WhatsApp users’ safety at risk will be banned. 

Forwarding spam links to people is actually one of the reasons WhatsApp limits the forwarding feature to 5 users. 

Sending the same messages to your contacts for advertising get users irritated when someone violates their privacy. 

The WhatsApp status feature is not always usually for fun.  You can utilize it to pass information to your contacts list. 

Using unofficial WhatsApp

Using unofficial WhatsApp versions created by third-party developers is illegal. 

GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Go, WhatsApp Prime, and OG WhatsApp are some popular unofficial WhatsApp versions

Unofficial WhatsApp versions come with greater security risks. There are possibilities of downloading these apps along with unknown malware and viruses which will put your phone at serious risk.

Double-check any apps not found in Google Play Store before you use them. Unofficial WhatsApp versions do not follow the guidelines and policies of WhatsApp. So using unofficial WhatsApp versions will likely get you banned.

What To Do When Your Account Is Banned

WhatsApp won’t ban your account without a reason. But if you think that your account was banned by mistake. You need to send WhatsApp support a message and wait for their feedback once they are through reviewing your account.

Make sure you have your sim card with you because you will need to enter the six-digit numbers sent to you by WhatsApp before you can submit the account for review.

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