Will The Other Person See WhatsApp Status If I Delete It? [A Short Answer]

Will The Other Person See WhatsApp Status If I Delete It
Will The Other Person See WhatsApp Status If I Delete It?

This article covers the topic: will the other person see WhatsApp status if I delete it? This is a common question that many WhatsApp users have, especially when they want to share something with their contacts but change their mind later.

WhatsApp is one of the best online instant messaging platform. However, some WhatsApp users are very curious to know if people on their contact lists will see their status if they delete it. 

WhatsApp status lets you share text, photo, video, and GIF updates with friends that disappear after 24 hours lifespan. 

But what happens if you delete your status before it expires? Will your contacts still be able to view it, or will it vanish from their updates tab? 

Privacy has been the utmost priority of users in any online space. If you have concerns about what happens after you delete your WhatsApp status, this article is for you.  

In this article, we will answer this question and every other topic on WhatsApp status.

Will The Other Person See WhatsApp Status If I Delete It?

No, the person will no longer see the status update after you delete it from your status tab. 

If you share and update your WhatsApp status and later decide to delete it before the 24-hour lifespan, people you share contact with won’t see it. 

However, if someone on your contact replied to your status before you deleted it, they will still see the reply but won’t be able to see the status update. 

The same thing also applies to business WhatsApp users. 

However, if the person on your contact list is using any unofficial or unauthorized WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, they can See your deleted status after you delete it before 24 hours. 

Will I See Who Viewed My Status?

Yes, you’ll see who viewed your status if the other person did not disable read receipts. 

When someone sees your status you’ll be able to tell who has seen it on the view count, unless you or your contact has disabled their read receipts

Why Can’t I See Other People’s WhatsApp Status Update?

If you come across this issue, it’s because you’re low on storage. You need to have at least 1GB of storage on your phone to be able to see other’s status updates. 

By default, WhatsApp can’t work if your phone’s storage space is very low. The solution to this issue is to clear your phone storage.

Who Can View Your WhatsApp Status?

Only the people you saved their number (your contacts) can view your WhatsApp status. 

So, if you saved someone’s contact or recently added the number to your contact list the person can see your WhatsApp status whenever you share an update. 

You can also view the person’s status if they add your phone number to their contact lists. 

However, if the person did not save your contact, you won’t be able to see their status on WhatsApp. 

Will Someone Know I Muted Their WhatsApp Status?

No, your contacts won’t know when you mute their status on WhatsApp. Also, you will no longer see their recent update on the status tab unless you either view their status in the muted status tab or unmute them. 

To mute WhatsApp status, do this: Press and hold the status of the person »»» Tap Mute.
To unmute WhatsApp status, do this : Swipe to the left on the status tab »»» Muted »»» Press and hold the status »»» Tap Unmute.


This privacy feature has sparked debate, with so many users wishing to get to the bottom line and find a confident answer to this question. 

Well, normal WhatsApp and business WhatsApp users won’t see the status when it’s deleted.

FAQs on Will The Other Person See WhatsApp Status If I Delete It?

If You Delete a Contact on WhatsApp Can They See Your Status?

No, if you decide to delete someone’s contact from your phone, they will no longer see your WhatsApp status updates.

Does The Other Person Know If You Delete WhatsApp?

No, your contacts won’t be notified when you delete your account on WhatsApp. However, they might know if they stop seeing your status update.

How Do You Tell If Someone Has Deleted You On WhatsApp?

People who chat with you often might notice if they stop seeing your profile picture, unable To view WhatsApp status, messages to you will be shown as sent not delivered. Also, when they call you, it appears as calling not ringing.

If I Blocked Someone On WhatsApp Will They See My Status?

No, once you block someone on WhatsApp, they won’t be able to do the following:

  • Message you 
  • Video or audio call you
  • See your WhatsApp status

Does WhatsApp Tell You How Many Times Someone Viewed Your status?

When someone views your status, it only counts as One (1). When you click on the eye icon, it only reveals the first time the person saw it, not how often they peeked back in.


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