Does TikTok Notify Users When You Like And Unlike Their Videos?

Does TikTok Notify Users When You Like And Unlike Their Videos
Does TikTok Notify Users When You Like And Unlike Their Videos

Will other TikTok users know when I like and unlike their videos?: In this article, you’ll learn whether TikTok will notify them or not. 

TikTok is not just a popular social media platform for creating videos. It also allows users to be creative and share short videos with cool effects, filters, and sounds.

Does TikTok notify users when you like and unlike their videos? This is one common question TikTok users ask, especially when they accidentally like someone’s videos and they want to unlike the video. 

Some nerds will watch your videos and never like it. I’m also guilty of this. But when they accidentally hit the like button they feel like the world wants to explode on them.  

I experimented with this before now to know if someone will know when you like and unlike their videos. Well, the results were pretty straightforward.

If you’re that nerd and you’ve been asking this question, well in this article we are going to find out if TikTok will notify other users when you’re unlike their videos. 

Does TikTok Notify Users When You Like Their Videos?

Yes, TikTok will notify other users when you like their videos. Once you like someone’s video TikTok will automatically notify them. 

This means that the person will see the notification from TikTok once they open the app and log in to their account. 

Even if you’re not following the person on TikTok, they will still see the notification that a certain user interacted with and liked their videos.

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Does TikTok Notify Users When You Unlike Their Videos?

No, other TikTok users won’t get notifications when you unlike their videos. However, the notification that you liked the video will remain. 

Although, TikTok may not notify another user when you unlike their videos, but the person might know. The person will know if the video has zero or few likes and if other users haven’t interacted with the video. 

But if the person has tons of followers and other users have interacted with the video you accidentally liked. There is a high chance that the person won’t know you, unlike the video. 

Before TikTok didn’t send out notifications on the phone home screen like other social media apps do, but in recent updates, TikTok has started sending out notifications on the home screen. 

Does TikTok Notify Users When You Like And Unlike Their Videos?

Before writing this article, I have done a lot of research, and here is the truth about what I found out about accidentally liking and unliking videos on TikTok. 

As mentioned earlier, TikTok will send out notifications to other users on their home screen and in the app, when you deliberately or accidentally like their videos. 

What TikTok won’t do is notify the person back when you unlike their videos. But the notification won’t go away

After experimenting with this with my two (2) TikTok accounts, I realized that when you Unlike someone else’s video after mistakenly liking it, TikTok won’t delete the notification. 

After you unlike the video, the person opens the TikTok app and decides to check the account inbox. They see the notification and the video you like in the app’s inbox. 

Furthermore, unfollowing the person won’t make TikTok delete the notification from the person’s inbox. 

The notification won’t disappear if you decide to block the person. 

After all the research, the conclusion is that TikTok won’t delete notifications after you, unlike other users’ videos. Although TikTok won’t notify the person, the notification will remain. 

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How To Like And Unlike Videos On TikTok Without Being Detected. 

Is this even possible? Yes, it’s possible. Here is what you need to do to avoid being detected.

Create An Alternate Account

This is the only way you can avoid being detected when you accidentally like and unlike someone’s video on TikTok. 

So, you need to create a new TikTok account that will not be associated with your name or use any information about yourself that might implicate you. 

So if you stumble upon an old friend on TikTok using your new account and accidentally like their videos and then you unlike it, they won’t know. They will think that it’s a random user that liked their videos. 

Even though the person has few followers, they will see the notification but won’t know it was you because you are using the account under a different name. 


With an alternate account, you can avoid being detected when using TikTok. 

This question is a YES and NO answer. Will TikTok notify the person? Yes. Will the notification disappear? Definitely No. Will the person know I unlike their video? No, but they will see a notification you reacted to the video. 

Can I avoid being detected? Yes. How? Use an alternate account not associated with your personal information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Unlike Videos On TikTok?

Yes, you can unlike videos on TikTok if you accidentally liked them, but the notification won’t go away. The person will still see the notification you like the videos in their inbox. 

Will TikTok Delete Notifications After I Unlike A Video?

No, the notification won’t be deleted from TikTok. The notification won’t disappear from their inbox if you unfollow or block the user. 

Does Tiktok Tell You Who Liked Your Video?

Yes, TikTok will send out notifications on your home screen and your inbox from the app when someone likes your video. 

Does Deleting Videos Remove Likes On TikTok?

Yes, deleting videos on TikTok will remove likes. Also, it will delete the comments and shares.

If someone bookmarked or added your video to their favourite collection, after deleting the video, it’ll also be removed from the person’s collection. 

If I Delete My Tiktok Videos, Will It Delete From All Devices? 

No, but it depends if no one has saved the video on their devices. If you post a video and decide to delete it after some time, if other users save the video on the phone, the video will only be deleted from your TikTok account dashboard. 


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