How To Log Out Other Devices On Instagram Without Changing Password in 2023

How To Log Out All Devices On Instagram

If you’ve logged in to your Instagram account on a public device, working place or through a friend’s phone. But may have found it difficult to log out other devices on Instagram

Just like other social media apps, Instagram also sends alert notifications when your account is logged in to another device. However, if you have previously logged in with a device and remained logged in, you will not receive any message alert.

Moreover, it’s important to note that Instagram’s alert system is a useful tool to keep your account secure.

Additionally, if you turn off your Instagram security login alerts, you will not receive an alert when someone logs in to your account from another device.

To keep your account safe from any fraudulent activities you need to check if your security login alerts are turned on. 

Whether you’ve lost your phone, want to revoke access to an old device, or simply want to ensure your account’s security. Learning how to log out of all devices on Instagram can be useful. 

In this article, we will explore how to log out other devices on Instagram.

How To Log Out All Devices On Instagram

Login to Instagram 

Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Go to the profile dashboard. 

Settings & Privacy

Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right of your profile dashboard. Then, select Settings & Privacy

How To Log Out All Devices On Instagram

Accounts Centre

Select Accounts Centre to manage all your account activities. 

Settings & Privacy

Password and Security

Click on password and security. Under security checks, select where you’re logged in. Then, select your Instagram account. 

How To Log Out All Devices On Instagram

You will see the number of devices that are logged into your account. Select the accounts you want to log out. Enter your password and log out of the selected devices. 

How To Log Out All Devices On Instagram

Change Password 

Another way to log out of other devices on Instagram is to select the devices you want to remove from your account. Instead of logging out, click on “Secure account” to change your Instagram password. This will automatically log out other devices from your Instagram account. 


It’s always good to run a security check on your account to prevent your Instagram account from fraudulent activities. We hope this guide helps you resolve this issue. 

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