How To Recover Disabled Instagram Account

In this article, you will learn how to recover your disabled Instagram account and what you need to do to prevent your account from being disabled again.

If you have hundreds of thousands of followers, losing your Instagram account means losing your followers too. Losing your account on one of the biggest social media platforms can be really frustrating especially if you don’t know why your account got disabled.

Instagram can disable your account for many reasons, which this article will discuss further. 

If you don’t take preventive measures by downloading a copy of your data and Instagram disabled your account. This can cause you to lose your photos, videos, and including all your followers. 

But don’t worry, in this article, you will learn how to recover your disabled Instagram account and what you need to do to avoid your account from being disabled again.

Why Was My Instagram Account Deleted? 

If you open the Instagram app and it takes you to the login page and you try to login and it shows an error message that your account has been disabled. This can happen for different reasons. 

But we are going to discuss the most common reasons why your Instagram account was banned. 

Instagram Account Disabled

Firstly, Instagram has zero tolerance if you violate their community guidelines, especially sharing sexual images of minors, threatening to post sexual images of others, bullying, promoting terrorism, hate speech, violence and others. 

Accounts that repeatedly violate Instagram community guidelines and terms of service will be disabled. 

Secondly, if your account was hacked and used to scam people or shared spam links, Instagram will delete your account. In this case, you can recover your account by reporting to the Instagram support team. 

If you think your account was unlawfully or mistakenly banned. Well, here is the good news. We will walk you through how to recover your Instagram account. 

How To Recover Disabled Instagram Account

When your account is disabled, on logging in you’ll get a prompt error message, the first thing you need to do is to click the Learn More link. 

Keep in mind before you can recover your disabled Instagram account you need to pass the appeal process first.

The appeal process is the easiest way to recover your Instagram account. However, you need to submit the appeal up to 30 days from the day your account was disabled.

To recover your account you need to go to the Appeal Form Page. You’ll be asked to enter your name, the email address you used for the account, your mobile number and your username. 

Do not apologize in your appeal for why your account should be unbanned. Doing so could complicate matters for your account and yourself.

Just be straightforward in your appeal and give good reasons. Also, you need to ensure that the information you provided in the appeal form is linked to your disabled account. 

How To Recover Disabled Instagram Account

After filling out this form, Instagram won’t immediately reply to you. So you have to wait for their response. It might take more than 48 hours or even 4 weeks to get a response. 

How to reactivate your Instagram account

If your account was temporarily deactivated you can reactivate your account back. It’s simple all you need to do is to login back to the account with your username and password. 

How to recover a deleted Instagram account

If you mistakenly or playfully deleted your Instagram account or someone who has your login details deleted the account, you won’t be recovered the account in any way. 

The only way is to create a new Instagram account. Also, be mindful of who you share your account login information with. 

How to recover hacked Instagram account

If someone logs into your Instagram account, you will get an email notification on suspicious activities on your account. This is something you need to take very seriously. 

If you noticed any suspicious activity on your account, you need to quickly change your password because if your account is hacked, the chances to recover it is hard. What you can do is create a new account. 

If your Instagram login alert is turned off. Here is how to turn it back on.

Open Instagram app »»» tap profile picture + profile dashboard »»» horizontal lines »»» settings and privacy »»» accounts centre »»» password and security »»» login alert »»» tap In-app notifications to enable login alert within the app.

If your account is not connected to any email, you need to add one so that you won’t miss email notifications when another device tries to login to your account.

How to prevent my Instagram account from getting disabled?

Is it possible to prevent an account from being disabled? Yes, it is. 

To avoid your account from being disabled by Instagram, you need to read and follow their community guidelines and terms of service. 

Avoid using third-party apps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram or using these apps to get fake followers and likes. Using third-party apps can put your account at risk and may result to ban. 

Avoid sharing spam links, to mislead your followers. And do not impersonate someone as it will lead to a ban. 

Create a stronger password to avoid your account from being misused by hackers. Another security measure you can also take is to enable two-factor authentication. If you use two-factor authentication, you will be asked for the code when logging in using a new device. 


Recovering your Instagram account is a process you have to patiently wait for because it might take weeks or even more than a month to recover. 

You also need to read and understand Instagram community guidelines and terms of service and create stronger passwords for your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my Instagram back after it’s been disabled?

Yes, you can recover your account back but it’s not 100% guaranteed. If you believe your account was mistakenly disabled you can recover the report by filling an appeal form. 

How long does it take to recover a disabled Instagram account?

The appeal process can take more than 30 days, and there is no guarantee of a timeframe. However, you must first pass the appeal process before any time estimates can be made. If you find the form, all you just have to do is to wait for a reply.

If you fail the appeal process, you can reapply the second time. 

What information do I need to provide to recover my disabled Instagram account?

Your full name, the email address you used for your Instagram account, phone and your Instagram username.

How to contact Instagram support?

To contact Instagram support you need to open a web browser on your phone or PC, search for “Instagram support” or click the link to go to the Instagram support page

Can Someone hack my account through Instagram DM (direct message)?

Yes, this has been one of the common mistakes people make. Avoid opening a link sent by a random Instagram user you don’t know. Most times these links are spammed links. 

The best way is not to click on any of the links unless it’s someone you know or trust. 

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