What Does “YK” Mean On Snapchat?

What Does YK Mean On Snapchat

If you agree with me, I think there should be a different dictionary for social media abbreviations and shorthands. 

Most people who are not familiar with social media abbreviations can get really confused when they are chatting with a friend who won’t stop typing without abbreviating a sentence phrase. 

From “LOL”, “NFS“, “OMG”, “PMO” and so many other common acronyms are used on social media, in text messages on a daily basis.

Have you ever come across the acronym “YK” and wondered what it means and why people use it on Snapchat? In this article, you will learn the meaning of the “YK” acronym on Snapchat and when you can use them. 

What Does “YK” Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular platform with hundreds of millions of daily active users and has also been the father of social media abbreviations/acronyms. 

YK” on Snapchat has two meanings and we will cover everything you need to know about this acronym. 

YK” means “You Know” and also “You’re Kidding

“YK” Stands For You Know

You Know” is the first meaning of “YK” and can be used to express an agreement at the end of a statement. You can also use “YK” to come to an understanding with someone. 

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Example 1:

John: “The traffic jam this morning really pisses me off, YK”

Doe: Yeah I do understand the feeling. 

In this context, Doe was letting John know that he understood the message he was passing across. 

Example 2:

Myles: “My aunty told me to pick up her son from school, and I can’t refuse her because I’m staying at her place YK” 

Bethel: Yes, I understand, you can’t refuse her, you don’t really have a choice, YK”.

In this context, Bethel understood Myles’ situation. And Myles knew he can’t refuse his aunty because he’s staying at her place. So, both of them came to an agreement that he must go pick up his nephew from school. 

Example 3: 

In other words, you can use “YK” to express emotions like feelings of joy. For instance, Zoey went for a job interview and she got the job. 

She can use “YK” to express how she felt when she got the job. 

Zoey: “YK”, I couldn’t hold my tears when the manager told me to start work tomorrow. 

In this context, Zoey was expressing the joy she had when the manager shared the good news with her. 

“YK” Stands For You’re Kidding

You’re Kidding” is mostly used to express disbelief in a statement you read or heard. 

For instance, your friend can show disbelief when you tell them something they don’t know about you. 

Example 1: 

Abbey: “Do You Know, YK, Jodie is my step-cousin? “

Faith: “No way, YK

Faith is expressing her disbelief about what Abbey just told her. 

There are so many other ways you can use “YK” on Snapchat and other social media platforms. 

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Why Do People Prefer To Abbreviate Words?

It’s easier to use abbreviated words while conveying a message on Snapchat and social media platforms, but it can also be really confusing for someone who is not very familiar with those acronyms. 


Now that you’ve known what “YK” mean on Snapchat. It will be easier for you to understand when someone uses it in a conversation with you. And also how you can use them to convey messages to other people. 

We hope this article explains in detail everything you need to know about “YK”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is “YK” on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok?

“YK” stands for You Know and You’re Kidding.

What Does “YKYK” Mean On Snapchat?

“YKYK” means “If You Know, You Know”. It’s an acronym used to humour a joke about something or someone. Or you can use it to reference something only certain people (legends) will understand. 


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