What Is A Secret Admirer On Instagram?

What Is A Secret Admirer On Instagram?

You may be wondering and asking yourself if it’s true that people have secret admirers on Instagram. Yes definitely, it’s true one can have a secret admirer. 

When someone starts stalking you, and will always like your photos, visit your Instagram profile, first to like and reply to your stories, post nice comments on your post and even send you Instagram DMs. Then, the person might be a secret admirer 

It is possible that the person has a crush on you from afar and they won’t confess how they feel towards you because they want to keep their identity a secret.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about a secret admirer. And how to know if you have a secret admirer on Instagram.

What Is A Secret Admirer?

A secret admirer is someone who likes you a lot or has romantic feelings towards you but does not show it to keep their identity secret.

A secret admirer is like a traditional version of a distance relationship. 

Someone who is always engaging with your post, first to your Instagram stories, comment on your posts, and likes your post might be a suspected secret admirer.

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Why Did They Choose To Become An Instagram Admirer?

Someone can become a secret admirer on Instagram for many reasons. Let’s check out some of the reasons below.

Shy And Lack Of Confidence

Shyness and lack of confidence do not only happen on Instagram. This is also a general issue with people in real life. 

Someone with low self-esteem always finds it difficult to approach someone when they are interested in them. 

So, they prefer being a secret admirer on Instagram and showing affection from afar hoping and praying you’ll notice them. 

Most people are like this because they are afraid of the fear of being rejected. 

Already In A Relationship

Someone might remain a secret admirer on Instagram because they are already in a relationship with someone else and wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize their current relationship. 

They will prefer to engage and follow every of your update on Instagram. In this way, they can remain a secret admirer without hurting their current relationship. 

Curious And Want To Know More About You

Another reason someone who is interested in you might remain your Instagram secret admirer is that they are curious about you and know more about you. 

They will prefer to be your secret admirer so they can learn more things about you while following your Instagram stories, sending DMs, and liking and commenting on your posts. 

How To Find Out Who Your Secret Admirer Is On Instagram?

It’s possible to find out who your secret admirer is on Instagram without approaching them.

Pay Attention To Your Instagram Stories, Posts, Comments

When someone never misses your updates on Instagram, they will be the first to view and reply to stories and engage with every one of your posts. They are keeping track of your every activity on the app. 

When you check who views your stories on Instagram and always find this one particular person you don’t know, they are always reacting to your stories. It is possible they are secret admirers. 

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User Apps

They are third-party apps that will help you to know who your stalker and Instagram secret admirer are. These apps are also available on Apple Store and Play Store. 

FollowMeter For Instagram

This app helps you track your Instagram account insights. With FollowMeter, you will be able to see your top likes, secret admirers, and someone who engages with your post the most without following you on Instagram. 

Followers+ Reports For Insta

This app will do all the work for you with ease. This app can easily show you who blocked you on Instagram, unfollowed you, and see who engages with your posts most. 

You can use Followers+ to find out who your Instagram secret admirer is. 

There are other apps you can use to know your secret admirer on Instagram.


A secret admirer can be interested and choose to keep it secret. But if you’re too curious and want to know who they are it’s easy. 

Use the recommended methods written in this article to find out who is your secret admirer. 

We hope this article helps answer your curious question about what a secret admirer is on Instagram. 

Leave a comment if you find this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you know who your secret admirer is?

When they are constantly stalking you on Instagram. 

What do secret admirers do?

They keep tabs on your Instagram activities and engage with every of your Instagram stories like you post, nice comments and save a lot of your pictures on their phone.

Is it Safe To Have An Instagram Secret Admirer?

Yes, it’s safe to have a secret admirer on Instagram. In most cases, they mean no harm. But you have to be careful of what you share on Instagram stories. 

Who is a Ghost Follower?

When someone follows you but does not interacts or engage with your post, they are known as ghost followers.


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