Why Did My Facebook Messenger Messages Disappear?

Why Did My Facebook Messenger Messages Disappear

if you have been wondering lately why your Facebook Messenger messages suddenly start disappearing. Well, you don’t need to be surprised, there may be reasons for this issue and it’s common in messaging social media platforms today.

There are a few reasons why your messages might disappear, and in this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons your Facebook messenger messages suddenly disappeared.

Why Did My Facebook Messenger Messages Disappear

Facebook Messenger users have started to ask questions and beginning to wonder whether their accounts have been hacked. 

I can assure you that’s not the case, Let’s look at two of the main reasons Facebook Messenger messages keep disappearing. 

Remove And Unsend Messages 

Someone can decide to remove or unsend the messages they sent to you. This feature can only be used when you are in a secret conversation with someone. 

When this happens, you will be notified that the user “unsent a message“. Either you or the person you are chatting with can unsend a message you sent. 

So if you are experiencing something like this, it means the person has decided to remove the messages once you’ve seen them. You can’t actually stop this from happening.

Disappearing Messages

Snapchat has changed how we converse with people in the introduction of disappearing messages in 2013.

Since Snapchat introduced disappearing messages, other social media platforms have also adopted the feature. 

WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook Messenger all offer disappearing messages.

Disappearing messages is a feature that automatically deletes messages after a set period of time. This feature is enabled when you are in a secret conversation. 

When you are in a secret conversation with someone and they enabled a disappearing message timer. Any messages you or the person sent will automatically be deleted once it’s seen. 

Disappearing Messages are set to delete themselves after a set period of time, which can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 24 hours.

Further, if someone sent you a message in a secret conversation and you didn’t read it. The message will also be deleted after a period of 14 days. This will happen if there are no responses.

One way to stop the disappearing messages is to set the time to off. But the messages will still be deleted after 14 days if you don’t respond to them.

How To Remove Or Unsend Messages

For this to work, you must be in secret conversation with someone. 

  • Open Messenger
  • Tap to open the conversation with a key lock.
  • Press and hold a message you sent.
  • Tap remove
  • Tap unsend to remove for both you and the person.

In normal Messenger chats, you can delete a chat for only you, but the other user will still be able to see it on their end even if you have removed the chats.

How To Disable Disappearing Messages

  • Open Messenger
  • Tap to open the conversation with a lock
  • Tap the profile picture of the person
  • Scroll down. Tap Disappearing Messages 
  • Tap Off to disable the timer.


These two reasons should come to your mind when your messages suddenly start disappearing. So don’t panic, this guide could be the solution you have been looking for. 

But if you are sure the reasons in this article are not why your messages are disappearing, don’t hesitate to contact Facebook Messenger support for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Recover Disappearing Messages On Facebook Messenger?

You can’t get back your messages after they disappear in the Facebook Messenger disappearing feature. 

How Do I Stop Facebook Messenger Messages From Disappearing Messages?

Open Messenger app »»» Profile picture »»» Disappearing Messages »»» Set timer to off

Can Someone Screenshot Messenger Messages in Disappear Messages?

When you’re in a secret conversation with someone and the disappearing messages mode is turned on, screenshots cannot be taken. 

Only the person who started the secret conversation with you will be able to take screenshots before the messages disappear, but you’ll be notified. 


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