How To See Private Facebook Profile [The Only Way]

How To See Private Facebook Profile

In today’s article, you will understand what a private profile is on Facebook and how to see private Facebook profile. 

Private Facebook profile is for someone who wants to go the extra mile to hide their profile from the general public. 

People make their account private on Facebook and other social media for some personal reasons or they don’t want to let the general public know what they share, and how they use the app when they’re online. 

But there’s a way to see private Facebook profile and it will be discussed in this article. 

What Is a Private Facebook Profile? 

A private Facebook profile is a profile that you cannot view if you’re not friends with the person on Facebook. 

People with private Facebook profiles only allow people who are friends with them on Facebook to see their profiles. 

In other words, you cannot see someone’s photos, posts, videos or personal information about them on their profile if you’re not their friend. 

Individuals who make their Facebook profiles private do so to protect their identities, personal information from falling into the wrong hand.

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How To See Private Facebook Profile

Like I mentioned earlier, people make their Facebook profiles private because they value their privacy and want to keep their accounts safe while using the app. 

Well, if you really want to see someone’s private profile, then there’s only one way you can do it. 

Many people are interested in seeing private Facebook profiles, but there’s a catch: it’s not possible to do so without the person’s permission.

Be Friends With Them On Facebook

The only way you can see someone’s private Facebook profile is if you’re friends with them.

If you want to see someone’s Facebook profile but the account is private, then you need to send them a friend request and wait for them to accept it. 

You need to wait for them to accept you as their friend before you can see their posts, photos, videos and personal information on their profile timeline. 

If you know the person, there is a good chance that the person will accept your friend request. But if you don’t know the person, you have very little chance. There’s a chance the person will not accept your friend request especially if they don’t know you. 

You can’t use third party apps or websites to view someone’s private Facebook profile. You’ll risk losing your account because most times third party apps and websites are often scams to get your login information. 

If you are lucky, they accept your friend request. You’ll be able to see most of their activities on Facebook including tags, live videos. 

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If you’re thinking of using third party apps or websites, Don’t!. You can only see a private Facebook profile if you become friends with the person. 

All you need to do is send the person a friend request and wait for their approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An Alternative Way To See Private Facebook Profiles?

No, there’s no alternative way to see private Facebook profiles. The only way is to be be friends with them on Facebook. 

Can I Use A Third-party App Or Website To See A Private Facebook Profile?

No, you cannot see private Facebook profiles using third-party apps or websites. 

Can I See Private Facebook Profile Without Friend Request?

No, you cannot see a private Facebook profile if the person is not your friend. You need to send a friend request and wait for the person to accept it. 

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