What is a Shutdown Alarm?

Shutdown alarm MIUI
What is a Shutdown Alarm

What is a Shutdown Alarm? Have you been so cut up with so much unfinished work that you need to schedule a shutdown for a specific time, but you don’t want to have to leave your device on all night?

If you’re learning that there’s a difference between a shutdown alarm and a normal alarm. Well, don’t be surprised.

If you like switching off your phones at night before bedtime but want to set a midnight alarm you should continue reading because this article is for you. 

The shutdown alarm is a handy feature for both Android and iPhone users. But if I set a shutdown alarm, will it go off? 

What is a Shutdown Alarm?

A shutdown alarm is a feature that makes set alarms go off when your device is powered off. Shutdown alarm comes in handy, especially for night workaholics. 

You can schedule a shut-down alarm when you want to go to bed early and don’t want any phone calls or social media notifications buzzing your phone at night. 

You can schedule a shut-down alarm and switch off your phone. When it’s time your phone will automatically power on and the shutdown alarm will go off. 

In MIUI, the shutdown alarm will only go off if the settings are enabled and when the alarm is set at least 10 minutes after you power off your device.

How to Enable Shutdown Alarm on Android (MIUI users)

  • Tap the clock time on your phone’s home screen to open the alarm.
What is a Shutdown Alarm?
  • Tap More Option (the three dots at the top right corner of your screen settings. Tap Settings 
What is a Shutdown Alarm?
  • Tap Additional Alarm Settings
additional settings
  • Now, toggle on the Shutdown alarm if yours if toggled off. 
How to Enable Shutdown Alarm on Android
How to Enable Shutdown Alarm on Android

Before you power off your device, you need to ensure that your alarm is already set at least 10 minutes later. Otherwise, your shutdown alarm won’t go off. 

Will my Alarm go off on Do Not Disturb mode?

YES, alarms are designed to go off in do-not-disturb mode. For iPhone and Android users, regardless of whether your phone is silent, do not disturb your phone’s alarms are designed to go off. 

When your phone is in DND mode, it is like putting it on incognito mode. DND mode will silence all incoming calls, sounds, third-party app notifications, and in-app notifications and block visual disturbances. 

DND mode will not alter your set alarm when it’s enabled. 

So, with do-not-disturb mode, you can silence sound vibrations or block visual disturbances and in-app notifications. Read more on Will My Alarm Go Off On Do Not Disturb?

Why Did My Shutdown Alarm Not Go Off?

The only possible reason your shutdown alarm did not go off is that you powered off your phone after setting the alarm. Only an alarm set 10 minutes after you power off your device will go off. 


A shut-down alarm is handy, especially for people like me who like to switch off their phones at night to avoid disturbance. 

If you don’t want phone calls or social media notifications disturbances during bedtime but also want to wake up at midnight then you should consider enabling a shut-down alarm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Alarm go off on do not disturb mode?

Yes, DND mode is designed to silence all sounds on your phone like in-app and third-party app notifications, incoming calls, and system sound, and block visual disturbances. 


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